Part I: Noob’s Introduction to botting and goldfarming

“hi guyz, plz help me start a goldfarm from scratch. tnx”

– noob

Ah, the same classic question you see on various botting forums almost everyday.


No seriously, stop posting that sh*t. It’s f**king annoying.

“Why not?” you say,

because that’s what this guide is for! So people won’t need to ask stupid sh*t on forums again! 😀

Anyway, back to the serious stuff.

Part I: Introduction

Botting has been around since like, forever. Back in the old days, it was a lot easier to bot due to Jagex’s anti-botting system being too ineffective; well, until they hired this guy named Mod Weath:

Mod Weath

Back in the day you can literally bot for months without getting a single ban. No exaggeration on that one. I personally even botted 40-99 runecrafting on pre-EOC. I’m telling you, it used to be a lot easier.

Nowadays depending on what type of botting you’re doing, we always need to take precautionary measures so our bots wouldn’t get banned.

Is botting or goldfarming nowadays still worth it and profitable?

Hell yea it is.

Botting difficulty increases = less botters = more opportunities

Simple as that. A lot of small-mid scale botters quit botting when Jagex introduced BotWatch. But what did the better botters do? Adapt.

As Jagex’s anti-botting measures evolves, so do botting clients. You might have noticed that the famous botting clients released different technologies a few years ago, like:

  • OSBot’s mirror mode
  • Tribot’s looking glass
  • RuneMate’s spectre

What is botting? What is goldfarming?

Botting (in games, that is), is a way of using some sort of software to gain an advantage by letting the specific software pretty much play the game for you.

Whereas gold farming, is a method of botting whereas the sole intention of the ‘botter’ or ‘goldfarmer’ is to monetize or make money.

See the difference? Botting can be in a form of simply just botting a main account, a secondary ‘pure’ account, or botting multiple accounts to a certain combat level whereas goldfarming is pretty much just for the money.

Part II: Ways of botting 🢒


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