Part II: Ways of botting

Before you start botting, you must first know the ways of botting. suicide bottingSuicide botting: a way of botting whereas you just run your accounts 24/7 since you don’t care if they get banned or not, as long as you transfer your wealth before the ban. This type of botting is used mostly on methods that has low requirements and also commonly used on Free to play (F2P) accounts since you wouldn’t need to pay for a bond.



Long-term botting: a way of botting whereas the botter only bots his or her accounts onlyam3qxz1 a couple of hours per day (usually under 8 hours) as to prevent the botter’s account to get banned.

Unlike in suicide botting, long-term botting is usually used for mid to high requirement moneymaking methods ranging from methods like blue dragons upto methods like zulrah. Obviously you wouldn’t want your high-stats accounts to get banned in a few days.

Account Farming: A subcategory of long-term botting, whereas the botter doesn’t farm for gold, but for the account’s stats, and then sold on various botting forums or runescape account shops. Account farmers are a small minority in the botting world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not profitable.

Usually, accounts that are ‘farmed’, are accounts that has stats fit for monster killing like green dragons, skeletal wyverns, zulrah, and for high-level skilling like hunting chinchompas and crafting nature runes.

“What way of botting should I do?”

Welp, that’s completely up to you, you noob.

Test things out. You probably won’t be making money immediately at the start of your botting journey, just like most of botting beginners. You lost 20m? Suck it up and test some more until you find a good pattern/method.



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