Part III: Botting methods


Hi guyz I’m poor can sum1 tell me your secret moneymaknig method? tnx

Now’s the time to get your thinking caps on and get creative.

When you are or when you were playing RuneScape, what were your money making methods?lcukoff

Are the requirements of those methods easy to attain?

Is the method good for suicide botting or long-term botting?

Will it not take four decades to get those requirements?

Will it not cost an arm and a leg for a private script?


Some characteristics of a good farming method:

  • has low stat requirements
  • little to no quest requirements
  • item processed/collected has a stable price
  • low botting population
  • safeness (possible deaths due to monsters or pkers)


Unfortunately, you have to decide on this on your own. No one with a successful farm will be willing to tell you their secret methods. That’s like giving away your left eye to a blind beggar.

Can’t decide? Below is a small list from

Collecting methods






Collecting ashes 18,000 30 Firemaking-icon Collecting
F2P icon
Collecting big bones from the Bone Yard 61,000

Decent Multicombat and Defence-icon recommended
25 Prayer-icon recommended for Protect Item

F2P icon
Collecting blue dragon scales 357,000

70 Agility-icon recommended
37 Magic-icon recommended

P2P icon
Collecting buckets of sand 9,000

50 Construction-icon
40 Magic-icon recommended

P2P icon

Yeah, most of the methods on that page are quite bad. But they just might help you gain ideas. Also, the main goal of this post is not to give you moneymaking methods, but to give you an idea on what to look for when thinking of a moneymaking method.

P.S. If you’re planning on paying a scripter to make a private script(which is a very very good idea), also take into consideration the difficulty of the method. Something like Zulrah would take alot of time to code, hence a drastically higher price. You probably wouldn’t want that if you’re just starting out in the goldfarming world.




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